Meet the Team



Office Manager and Dental Assistant

I enjoy my time with patients: sharing stories and learning about their lives. We have a wonderfully warm and comfortable office where our patients feel at home and are cared for like family.

I have more than 30 years of experience in the dental field and love answering patients’ questions about their treatment and teaching how they can improve their health. I wear two hats in our practice: In the front office, I handle all administration tasks, including scheduling, insurance coordination, and accounts receivable. But I’m also a chairside dental assistant: working in our clinic and assisting Dr. Mikaitis with patient care.

My favorite times when I’m not working involve concerts, plays, sporting events, and motorcycle riding.


Dental Hygienist

I enjoy working one-to-one with patients; teaching them about their dental health and helping them make decisions about treatment. Each patient has their own clinical and personal concerns, so each needs a tailored approach to care.

During visits, I update my patient’s medical history, take X-rays, and assess their oral health. While I’m gently cleaning their teeth and providing preventive care, I talk with the person about his or her dental concerns. Together, we find the home dental hygiene products and processes that work with their situation. When I see a clean, bright smile at a recall visit, and can tell the person has made positive changes, I’m thrilled!

Outside of the office, I enjoy time spent with my happy little family of three: my wonderful husband of 20 years and my extremely spoiled (as she should be!) fur baby, an elderly cat.


Dental Hygienist

I enjoy talking and laughing with patients, and building relationships while helping them achieve their healthiest smiles. It’s important that a patient understands what’s happening in the mouth and how that affects overall health. I want patients to have healthy smiles and bodies!

Working with the patient, I update the medical history, examine the mouth for signs of dental disease, and take X-rays. I also perform periodontal screenings and offer gentle, thorough dental cleanings. A lot of my time with a patient is focused on education: teaching the person how to keep their smile clean and healthy!

Much of my time off is spent with my husband John, and our cat, Chester. I also love practicing yoga!


Dental Assistant

I am always aware of our patient’s comfort and will do everything I can to ensure a painless, stress-free visit. I promise that Dr. Mikaitis is a truly gentle dentist: she’ll go slowly and make sure the patient is feeling relaxed and safe while here.

I welcome and seat patients, prepare them for their treatment, and take impressions and X-rays. Working chairside, I assist Dr. Mikaitis while supporting our patient and checking that they’re comfortable. I also handle inventory and work at our front desk: answering the phones and confirming appointments. I’m glad to make a difference in someone’s dental experience and love seeing a happy smile at the end of visit.

When I’m not working, I enjoy baking and spending time with my beautiful, loving family. I love my football team: the New England Patriots!

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